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50 - Doodle a Droodle


What's a droodle? a drawing & a riddle!
Players: 1-3
Time: 15-90 min
Contents: 50 droodles, pencil.

How to play?
1. Pick the first paper on the tab.
2. Think, (not more than 60 seconds) and come up with a creative idea on how to turn the doodle in the center of the pad into a meaningful sketch by drawing around it.
4. Sketch your idea (no talent required, just try and make it understandable).
5. Let the other players guess what you have doodled – the first to get it right, doodles next! 
6. If someone guessed your doodle correctly, keep the droodle.
7. Once all droodle have been played, the player with the most droodles wins. 
This game assists in developing fine motor skills, creative and "out of the box" thinking as well as sharpening one's sense of humor!
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