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Dare For The Truth - Outdoor

Dare for the Truth - The Card Game
'Dare for the Truth' is the Purple Cow attempt to 'tame the beast' of the wild classic game and make it safe and FUN and accessible to a broader range of audiences. 

It's is the World's first card game to come in a bottle! It’s a great way to learn more about your friends and family, maybe even more than you ever wanted to know...

We've made 3 versions:
1. The classic 'Teen' version with all the embarrassing quests and intrusive 'Truth' questions. 
2. The bonding 'Family' version – want to see daddy doing hilarious ‘Dares’, want to hear your kid's dreams and fears? This is just the game for you. 
3. The ‘Outdoors’ version - what can be more suitable than playing this game near a bonfire outdoors? We created ‘Truth’ questions and ‘Dare’ tasks to fit the occasion.
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